EPEDA is an association of ecumenical practitioners who are united around common principles and a common calling to advance Christ's call for unity in, through, and beyond our communities.

to work towards the ii) the creation of ecumenical best practice resources and to iii) providing ecumenical consulting around areas of unity and conflict

EPEDA (formerly the Consortium of Evangelical Networks for Unity--CEN) is made up of denominations, churches, and individuals within the National Association of Evangelicals and Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of North America. Though EPEDA's events, trainings, and resources are available to all, formal membership within EPEDA is restricted to these two branches of Christianity that we serve.

Fiscal sponsorship for EPEDA in 2018 comes from Kingdom Mission Society. EPEDA is in the process of forming a board of advisors from member denominations and electing officers to carry out its work.